Deyna Rotolo – Syracuse, New York New York


My fiance and I have been together for nearly seven years and, like every couple, have had our ups and downs but have always remained strong and committed to each other. About two weeks before Christmas, out of the blue, he gets a letter from this stalker that he worked with almost 20 years ago. Our relationship took an overnight turn for the worse and pretty soon, he’s texting and calling her every day. I caught him one day and, weak-a** coward that Deyna Rotolo is, she hung up as soon as she heard my voice so she couldn’t be confronted. Pathetic little girl wants to play like a grown woman but shuts down like a little girl when she gets caught. Disgusting little Home Wrecker who is so desperate to find any man who’ll have her, yet had to dig through her personal archives from 20 years ago, write a letter to a man who moved states and is in a committed relationship because she can’t find one in her own hometown that wants anything to do with her. My fiance and I are back on track and stronger than ever now, so thank you for that, Deyna. Did you really think he would leave me for you in the end?! Doubtful- men rarely leave the real, good women they have at home for the sl*t offering nothing but sex. They might stray, but the smart ones come around eventually. To his credit, he never slept with this filthy troll- it was emotional only and over the phone.

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