DFW Estate Liquidators Review


This was a living Estate Sale. Contract stated that I could be present, was told to leave or the doors would not open for the sale. Visiting with neighbor across the street that was moving and was called to quit sending in spies….didn’t happen. My folding tables were out and he used for the sale, but then would not return. Saying that I accepted the tables that were left…had other peoples name on the bottom, i had to buy more to replace ones he took. Check bounced and took me over a week to get cashed. Raining and he didn’t cover the carpets to protect, when contracts says will protect and clean. Not enough personnel the day of the sale, items left out the back. Stated there would be security camers and uniformed guard will be present…neither. Will not anser my calls to see areports on Kershaw Knives that were sold. If it is recorded where he states, I make a lot less that I paid for the knives and he would not let me price or know the price. I was not contacted to authorize a 75% off sale the last day. I want an accounted statement of what was sold at 75% off, contract states I can get up to two months agter the sale. I can not get a return call or email. Needs to educate his staff! THey taped cabinets that were not to be opened and took the finish off, cost to repair was $750.00 and they may still need to be stripped and redone. His staff blocked off two bathrooms, used as storage of paper and boxes and for their personal use. Someone flushed sanitary napkins down the atoilet and stopped up the sewer line and flooded several area of the house. There was no one in this house after the sale….so it was the staff. Rooter Service and Dry Force was $4,000.00. Homeowners wouldn’t cover because of deductable. Excellent salesman to get the job, gets all out to sell and then becomes a different person! Do not use this service! .

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