Dharna Shah, CPA.


This was my my first experience filing my taxes with her. My one of the friends recommended me so I thought to see her. When meeting her first time, seems legit and give you very nice response and talk like very nicely you wouldnt figure out that they are the biggest fraudsters in the name of CPA. First of all I think her helpers are non CPAs. Second her whole team is unprofessional. Incident 1 – I was calling Dharna Shah to get her appointment as she already collected all my papers. I was keep calling and every time their office kept saying she is not in office and all. So finally I have decided to show up in her office and I was seeing her inside her office from the glass door and thought to call her (even if I was there). Her office receptionist told me she is not in the office. Really ? Liars | Incident 2 – First I had to pay an ammount which was too high and suddenly when I was with her, suddenly my ammount was got dropped and then went up etc. I think She doesnt know what she is doing. Incident 2 – Finally I recieved a check from IRS becasue IRS thinks I overpaid, sent Dharna SHah an email and guess what never recieved any response. | 4- Never ever go see her, I would say tax files should deserve more than her. Even filing by yourself is better than going there.

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