DHIC, Inc. Review


Dhic in North Carolina collects all kinds of personal and sensitive information from Seniors who apply for an Adult only apartment or put on a waiting list. My concerns is that Seniors are being taken advantage of and many times harmed because of their information laying around for anyone to view. I had to provide my social security number, bank account numbers and amounts, all annunities, credit report, retirements and social security amounts plus children information. I signed release of information without a stop date. | Anyone, with all of this information can easily impersonate me, if I reside in the building, I can become prey to any of the employees there. These offices aren’t ran by organized high salaried person nor is a back ground check done. It is known that people have been claiming seniors checks many years after they are gone. This situation appears to be putting my life and income at risk. Not being selected to live in the apartment, I asked for all my information returned to me and I was told no. | What really concerns me is that I was asked for information several times that I had already given. If this information was misplaced, what would happen to my complete file. I applied at several DHIC apartments and provided all of them the same information. Some, I was placed on a waiting list that could take years, in the meanwhile my information sits on someone desk for anyone to see. This is a high turn over employment organization and they have the keys to all apartments. | This is a carless situation that North Carolina places its most vulderable.


Name: DHIC, Inc.

Country: United States

State: North Carolina

City: Raleigh

Address: 113 S Wilmington St

Phone: 919-832-4345

Website: dhic.org/

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