Diana Bautista – Los Angeles, California California


This is Diana Bautista which is now known as Diana Ramos. Can you believe someone actually married this awful person. Well, that’s because he wasn’t aware of her past. Just recently many things from her past came to light. I spoke to a woman named Christin that reached out to someone we both know and basically revealed the cold hearted person she is. She had an affair with a married man named George for 6 years. She was so na´ve that she actually thought he would leave his wife and two kids at the time. Diana thought it was funny that she spent the night at George’s house where his wife lives while his wife was giving birth to their first daughter. She felt special when he took lingerie he bought for his wife and basically re-gifted it and gave it to her. Diana told her that she made a video with him and said they were making love. The wife would call her asking her to tell her everything. All she would do is basically sugar coat everything. You couldn’t be women enough to tell her everything? All Diana would say is that it was HIS business. Who says that? Any married man that is involved with any woman other than his wife makes it the wife’s business. This woman told me that you would always tell his wife that George hates her. He doesn’t hate his wife. In fact, they now have three kids, two girls and a boy. She called George telling him she was pregnant and what did he do? He didn’t speak to you for six months. Did he leave his wife? No. Did he deny you? Absolutely. Pelon, your wife’s skeletons are out of the closet. While you were getting yo know her, she was busy sleeping with a married man. It’s one thing not knowing who you’re involved with. But to actually know and laugh about it is so wrong. Elodia, you should’ve raised your daughter right by giving her morals and teaching her that you do not sleep with married men. Maybe that’s why you’re not able to give Pelon a daughter.

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