Diane Blake


I responded to a 1996 truck for sale on facebook. The person that posted the truck had a facebook accout under the name Debbie Faris Henley. This person sent me an instant message telling me her sister is selling the truck for 1500 dollar and gave me her email of [email protected] to contact her. I sent her a message and she sent me multiple response telling me her husband died and she then sent me an ebay site with a confirmation number. I bought 3 $500.00 dollar ebay gift cards at walgreens for payment as she said she wanted to have a secure transaction through ebay. I clicked on and live chatted with 2 different people that I thought were ebay customer service reps. they took my card numbers and said the truck would be delivered to me. The next day I had yet to receive an ebay confirmation and so I went back on the live chat where I was told I needed to send another 1000.00 to insure the vehicle. At this point I knew I had been scammed as that was not on the original agreement. Needless to say ebay could careless because I bougth the cards at wlagreens even though the thief had to use them on ebay as they are non-refundable for cash. I basically lost 1500.00 and they said there is nothing they can do since I did not purchase the cards directly from ebay. All the sites were now gone.

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