Diethia Bertrand – Hampton, Virginia Virginia


Meet Diethia Betrand aka Monique Bertrand. This woman met my homeboy who was at the time separated from his wife and they were cool she was cool… Long story short he decided to work things out with his wife so he let her know that he would no longer talk to her.. So a few days later she tells him she’s pregnant. She then sends him positive pregnancy test results. She hits him up and let him know her father died from stage 4 cancer in October, her due date was allegedly May 8. He starts calling her to see what hospital she would be having the baby at… She doesn’t respond.. he hits her up on May 9 because she hasn’t responded since telling him May 8.. eventually he knows he has to tell his wife so he wants to physically see the baby and take a DNA test… he never gets a hold of her. So he contacts a family member and they say the whole thing was a lie. He’s not the first person she’s done that to. So I went online to the Atlanta homewrecker site and guess who’s up there…

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