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When you search out a metadata remover, their company displays at the top of Google search. | I am not knocking the product or the price – but the lousy policy. I purchased a product 7 months ago. It has the standard 1 year updates free. I received an email with a registration key that is standard whenever you buy a software product. | My computer died recently and I had to get another one. I reinstalled the program but it wouldn’t register. I found the original email to verify I was using the correct key and that is when I read that the program was TIED to a single computer and was not transferable?? | No where even now does it show anywhere on their website this unfair policy. In fact here is what it states: * All licenses are good for a lifetime and Prices are per computer license ‘ – this tells me one license per computer and not one license TIED to that computer only. | I know about buyer beware but I was technically never informed of this until AFTER the product was purchased. Also I did what most people do after receiving the confirmation email – I scanned it briefly looking for the activation because who would have thought that they would include after-purchase policies in a confirmation email. My fault for that – but it is already too late – the product has been purchased. | In my over 35 years of dealing with software companies have I ever had to worry about that. So here it is 7 months later until I find this out. After sending them a complaint email – they responded saying basically, sorry – you could have requested a refund at that time’ ?? – There is no policy on refunds on their web site and most companies won’t do it unless it is specifically written. So that is bs. I am certain that if I had requested a refund at the time of purchase I would have been turned down. | I agree the prices are reasonable but that flies out the window when you find that you are locked into one computer ever. They also said they would change their website to display the TIED policy. Too late for me. | In a follow up email they acknowledged my points but still would not reconsider even extending my license to the end of the one year term. | So buyer be aware of them.

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