Digital Storm Complaint


Check the better business bureau website and see digital storm has had 37 complaints filed in the past 3 years! In august 2015, i ordered a custom – built computer online from They charged me $400 for shipping based on 200 lbs. The computer only weighed 70 lbs when it arrived. They grossly padded the shipping charge. The system finally arrived 5 weeks after ordering. It was missing a rubber pad on one of the legs, making it tipsy. I had to remove the other 3 to level it. Shoddy build quality. It only worked for about 20 minutes before the screen went black. I noticed liquid coolant leaking inside onto the graphics card! Before they let me talk to tech support, they insisted i text a photo of the leak. When i finally got tech support on the phone, they said leaks happen all the time and for me to just tighten the fittings and mop up the liquid. Not helpful or detailed in their assistance. I found the leaking fitting (Luckily i had the right big – sized open – end wrenches) and tightened it myself. The computer continually displayed multiple error messages. At times would only boot into the bios saying “overclocking failed”. Computer continually locked up. Error messages saying gpu fan not running. Completely unusable right from the day i received it! I called to request rma return for full refund and was told i had to pay shipping and a 15% ($400) restocking fee! I told them that was unacceptable, the product never worked from the start. They agreed to waive restocking fee, and did send a shipping label (Based on the 70 lbs!) , but continually gave me the run – around about the refund. I had to file a chargeback dispute with my credit card. Digital storm finally granted the refund, but kept 15% even after agreeing to waive the restocking fee. This is a very unethical and downright scammy company. I’m still fighting for my hard – earned money back! Beware!!!

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