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BUYER BEWARE. I purchased a camcorder, accessories and a extended warrenty from these crooks. They arrived late, opened up and not in the original factory packages. They were supposed to be new products, they appeared to be be demo or returned product repackaged. No factory seal on the camcorder; according to Sony this is a warning as all the camera and camcorder products leave there sealed. The extended warrenty was not from the company they said nor did it cover anything near what they said it did. nI was given four different stories as to why no factory seal and why products were not sealed as new. They never would explain the lies on the worthless warrenty. nI returned the order to them and after and three weeks of being given the run around on my return being credited back to my credit card. I just disputed the charge with the credit card company and they reversed the charge 100%. However, these crooks finally did do a credit after the reversal (they obviously did not know yet) but it was $300.00 short, talk about unethical liars. But many thanks to American Express for reversing these charges where I got a full refund nJerrynsaginaw, TexasU.S.A.

Brooklyn, New York U.S.A.

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