Dilek Isildak – New Hope, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


This “artist” Dilek Isildak decided to systematically flatter my husband on Instagram, with her not so clever comments and emojis, hiding what was going on (RED BALLOON) which was having sex with him when he was away for meetings, etc. He worked with her on projects for his employer, was able to get her all kinds of freebies, etc, which apparently included him. They have carried on for almost 2 years. He came home and acted like all was well, except that he blamed me for anything and everything he could. He couldn’t even ask me for a divorce like a reasonable human- he texted me after 28 years of marriage! She can have him now as we are going through a divorce. Good luck with that, Dilek, and if he becomes hypersexual you should really check things out because we were having a lot of sex at the end, you dumb b#*ch.

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