Direct Alternatives Columbia,S.C. South Carolina


Complaint: I called Direct Alternatives to cancel & to get a # so i could return the product back.this lady answered the phone i told her i was calling to cancel. she asked me why & i told her i had just read how the company had took money out of this one person account after she had cancelled,& i didn’t want them to do that to she reassured me that it was a misunderstanding,& she said that she wanted to help me lose weight,& she would just take$19.99 out of my account on the 15th & the case would be closed.i asked her name & # she told me her name was Eleanor her # was6616. i looked on my account today & $79.90 was taken out of my account.I did not have that amount in now i’m in the hold with my bank. they should be stopped.

Tags: Sales People

Address: 165pleasant ave portland, Maine United States of America


Phone: 1-800-665-7651

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