Direct TV/ATT Imposter


A phone call from Direct TV (DTV) offers increased service for a greatly discounted rate. All customer has to do is pay the first three months up front using an AMAZON gift card. Caller says that they are the marketing organization and that to pay the up-front amount you must call the DTV billing department at a certain number. When the number is called the phone is answered EXACTLY like it is when you call DTV. Even the choices are the same. The billing representative knows what DTV plan you have and is well trained in answering your questions about the upgraded services. This scam requires the cooperation of a person or persons who currently work for or who have worked for DTV. And it requires the services of a hacker to obtain customer information contained in the DTV database. They almost got me. I actually purchased the gift card on line and gave the scammers the code. Luckily I talked with a friend who had heard of this scam and warned me. I thought for sure I was too late, but I called amazon and was able to cancel the gift card. Then the scammers had the nerve to call me this morning and ask why I cancelled the gift card. I pride myself on not being scammed, but this was easy to fall for.

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