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Complaint: Last week a man named Dominic showed up at my door in Land O Lakes, FL wanting to sell some meat. There was a whole assortment of different steak cuts and he said he just needed to unload them because someone else had over ordered. Having never done business with them, I wasn’t about to spend $200 on steaks, so he offered me any single box for $20. I bought a box of four steaks that he claimed were new york strips. I asked for his cell phone number so I could call him if I wanted more meat, and he gave it to me. When I cooked the steaks on the grill, something wasn’t right. When I flipped the steaks, they just were very firm and weren’t soft as they should be. The meat had a strange texture when we ate it, and there were bone fragments in the meat. These were definitely NOT new york strips. That night and the next day my entire family suffered stomach pains and extreme diarrhea. I called Dominic, told him what happened, and asked for a refund. This man acted like it wasn’t even him who sold the steaks, asked me what he looked like, and other ridiculous things like asking why four people shared two new york strips. I told him it was irrelevant how my family chose to eat our steaks and had to remind him that I used a charge card and my purchase could be traced back to him. He kept talking nonsense to me so I told him I’d just contact the company. He said, “well you do that

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Address: I don’t have time for this””. Attempting to contact the company is useless

Website: 12061 31st Court N. Suite A St Petersburg, Florida United States of America

Phone: customer service line is a voice mail system where you never get a call back. I feel lucky that I used a charge card and can dispute this

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