Directv Downey California Review


I registered for Directv for the bundle pack which includes tv, verizon internet and telephone for one flat fee. In November 2013 I called Directv to have this set up. I was given an account number and a order ID. Immediately I was transferred over to Verizon and was given a confirmation number. The agreement stated for $80 I will have directv, internet and telephone. I got a discount for paper-less bill, and 3 free months of premium channels. All this was done over the phone. A tech was suppose to come to install the equipment on December 7, but never came by until December 10 2013. Every time I called Directv I was told I have the bundle pack. I had a lot of issues with my account. I could not log in to my account with my email someone had changed it without notifying me. I kept asking about my bill and was told the first month will be 2 seperate bills for directv and verizon. Later only one bill for both companies. In the beginning of March I got a bill from Verizon for$137.21. I called them and got the run around was told to call directv. I called directv and they told me to call verizon. For 2 days straight both companies kept telling me to call the other company. Finally on the third day a representative of directv told me a third party cancelled my order and took off the bundle. I was never notified by either company of these changes. Therefore, on my directv bill I have a different account number then the one I was given from the beginning. Finally, after being very frustrated with this whole situation. I tried cancelling directv but could not because I have a 2 year contract and I will be charged $30 per month. So I got the cheapest deal they have for $37. Until this day I had to call back to request for the box to send back there equipment since I had 3 tv’s connected. Now I only have 1 tv connected. As for Verizon I was able to close my account and now I owe $208.50. I no longer have internet and now I have to look for another company for internet. I thought that with directv i was going to get better service than time warner but i was wrong. Now I have a big bill to pay and directv doesnt care or even tried to help me resolve my issue. internet, Select State/Province USA



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