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I signed-up with Directv in June/July of 2007, when I begin my service with them. I was inform that I was required to make a DEPOSIT of $200.00, because of my credit score. I simple asked the Customer Service rep if I complete the service contract of one-year, will I get the deposit back. She then inform me that there is a $5.00 credit each month from that deposit that will be credit to my statement each month. So I asked again what every is left from that amount when my contract is up I am entitle to that amount. She told me yeah. Around mid-August of 2008, I call again telling customer service rep that I can not afford this service and to see if they can offer me something less. When I was told that I would be paying around $115 a month for basic cable. I proceed to ask about the beginning deposit I put down, if I was to cancel can I still get my deposit back. I was informed that after the last payment is received and equipment is returned, it will take 6 to 8 weeks to get my money. I was okay with that. So on December 1st , I cancelled my account with them, I asked the question again just to make sure they would not change anything from what I was told earlier. The rep then said the same thing that once payment comes out of my checking account and the equipment is returned then I can get my deposit back. I asked if I could use the money that was there to cover partial of the last payment bill. I was informed no. They have to take it out of my checking account and then equipment has to be returned, then refund process starts. So I did what I was told, they took the money out equipment was returned. I received final bill stating that I do not owe anything. So I sent an email to directv and this is what it says I cancelled the service in November or December, they took the last payment out. I would like to know when will my refund of the deposit is going to be sent out. Please email me back with the information. This is what they wrote back to me. Thanks for writing. Let me inform you that under the terms of the DIRECTV Customer Agreement, when your DIRECTV service is cancelled all outstanding charges are billed to the method of payment we currently have on file. The Customer Agreement is available online at Please see the Payment Upon Cancellation section for more information. Please be note that with the payment of $154.52 on 12/07/08, you are account balance is now at $0. Thank you for your patience, and for giving us the chance to respond to your concerns. Which as you can see above this is the payment upon concellation states: You acknowledge that you have provided your credit or debit card account information to us. You understand that you will incur fees and charges as a result of your receipt and use of Service and/or Receiving Equipment, and may incur early cancellation fees and/or equipment non-return fees (as specified in any lease, programming or other service agreement you entered into in connection with obtaining Receiving Equipment). By giving us your credit or debit card account information, you authorize us to apply this method of payment, in accordance with applicable law, to satisfy any and all amounts due upon cancellation. You further acknowledge that you are required to maintain current credit or debit card information with us and agree to notify us whenever there is a change in such information, such as a change in the card number or the expiration date. This has nothing to due with the amount I am currently asking about. They are stealing money and making it legal. n After I read the email I call Directv to ask about my refund, when I got to a customer service rep I was inform that I do not have a refund coming, the amount that I paid was a fee that is non-refundedable, but a credit that is still on my account that pay $5.00 a month until the money is gone. So now I am looking crazy. So make sure that I am not crazy I ask the rep let me get this right I am paying you guys $5.00 a month for nothing, the rep agreed. I was in amazed now, so I just hung up. I called back a couple of mintues later to speak to a supervisor, when the rep got on the phone they advised me that I still can not get the money back, talking to a supervisor will not change anything I was charged a fee not a deposit. So, I told the rep that I would like to speak to someone in charged, they put me on hold to find one. She came back and told me that the supervisor is on the phone and when she is done she will call me back. So I waited until I got home to call back. This time I am upset. I want to talk to a supervisor so I called back and the rep ask if I am calling back about the deposit. I informed him yes, He told me there is nothing that they can do or the supervisor can do I am not getting it back. So I asked the rep where does it state that at in your contract, he told me that it is a policy that have been the company from the beginning. I informed him that I want something in writing that justify this policy, he informed me that there is nothing in writing that they can give me. So, I asked for a supervisor, it seem as if the customer rep did not want to put a supervisor on the phone, so he comes back with the same story from earlier. That she is on the phone with another clnt and she said she can not do anything. I told the rep that when I called last time they told me the same thing, I do not need him telling her what I want but I would like to do so my self. When she got on they phone, she tells me she can not do any thing, if I have a problem write the payment dispute department. I asked if there is any thing in the contract, the policy, any thing writing that I would be aware of that states that I can not get my money back. She said no there is nothing, but what there is, is me accepting this over phone when I paying the deposit. I need to find a way to get this resolved because if they are doing this to me who else is they doing this to. They have a legal document in invisable ink , that they say will stand in court. If you can please help me because it’s just not right. nTrinanLauderhill, FloridaU.S.A. Click here to read other Rip Off Reports on DirectTV Greenwood Village, Colorado U.S.A.


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