Dirt Cheap Apparel – Casual Apparel Warehouse (its Castro Valley California Review


My order to Dirt Cheap apparel was confirmed via email on February 14, 2005. On February 16, 2005 I received a confirming email from Casual Apparel Warehouse, describing itself as the “payment processor”” for its “”site”” Dirt Cheap (and two other firms). On this date my credit card account was charged to my bank. nDirt Cheap advised it could possibly take as much as 13 working days to deliver the order. However

it noted if delivery was not received by this time

something might be wrong and I should contact them at a given email address. On the fourteenth day I began trying to contact Dirt Cheap. They did not respond to three messages over a several day period. I did the same with Casual Apparel Warehouse

also with no response. nDavidnCastro Valley


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