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10K Autos is an unprofessional company so don’t get caught in their trap of lies. They promise everything a customer wants to hear and they deliver what a customer doesn’t want from the company.
Upfront fees and hidden fees are their way to get money from the customer and no refunds. I purchased a car and the process felt it had gone on forever. The signing of documents, filling in of forms and it carried on for days to prepare for the purchase of a car at 10K Autos
My intentions to purchase a car didn’t go a long way there. I discontinued my services with the company for the delayed process of documents and it didn’t satisfy my needs.
There’s no good quality of cars sold to customers and I realized my mistake to have gone there in the first place. I don’t deserve the horrible services from the company. I am a customer and deserve the best of what they have on offer.
I don’t appreciate being charged upfront fees and hidden fees to my name at 10K Autos because at the end of the car deal agreement I didn’t receive a refund.
I refuse to deal with dishonest people and in a company, dishonesty is a negative point and you won’t find a pleased customer as I am not pleased with these results from the company.
I had hope in the purchase of a car and feel disappointed with the poorly skilled staff I had to communicate with, and they didn’t give me what I wanted for myself.
Rude and disrespectful team towards me and other customers don’t give the company an excellent image in the promotion of advertisements. There’s no assistance for customers when needed, no qualified car salesperson, no trust and no honest people to work with, and nothing positive from 10K Autos.
There’s a poor selection of cars and most cars aren’t roadworthy. I feel my experience has taught me a lesson in dealing with unprofessional people.
There’s no opportunity to buy a car and to get everything as they advertised. I don’t believe in small and unprofessional companies such as this one.
I supported this small company because living in a small community I felt the need to be kind and share the business with 10K AUTOS. I won’t recommend an unprofessional company, and this is no different from that. It is a shame I had to go there out of pity and to receive negative feedback from my experience.
10K Autos didn’t care I walked away from the company unhappy without the purchase of a car. Their focus is money and they give no priority to customer’s service. No professional working team would ignore the needs of their customers and I have seen that here. They have ignored everything I wanted from the company to please me. It’s a waste of money to go there, you won’t get what you paid for or what you want for yourself. 10K Autos has no friendly working team to assist customers in updated information.

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