I got a random call on my cell phone, (don’t know how they got my number). A person offered me a 100.00 visa gift card good at Walmart, Target, Lowes etc. to listen & reply to some questions; so I did. Of course the catch was a fee of $9.97 for shipping & handling. Being skeptical I was transferred to a Roger Green, who assured me of the 100. visa gift card and that no fee would be taken from my credit card until I received the visa gift card. Then they transferred me several times once for my credit card info.,and other times giving bogus, random info. to confuse so you don’t realize they sold you something else. I never heard of nor heard them tell me that is what I was buying (Rasberry freetone). Then the fee taken off the credit card before I received anything so I waited a few days and called. I then found out they had the day before sent me out something I had no knowledge of. A few days later some dollar store supplement arrived in the mail. I called talked to a couple of people and was transferred to Edwin #9356. He said they would listen to recording of sale and get back to me. This was bogus too; because they only listen and take in account the part of recording/sale that pertains to them, not the part(s) that mislead me/other people so they can’t be held responsible. We had to cancel that credit card so they could not keep billing us. I looked them up saw there were 9 other complaints who lost a lot more than $9.97. In my opinion I feel that I was swindled and mislead and they will not refund my money.. I demand My money, and them to be out of the swindling business.. Stay away

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