Dish Purchase Co


A guy named Rajkumar (aka Raj) with a heavy accent calls incessantly harassing us. The caller ID says Dish Purchase Corporation with the real phone number of Dish Network. Looks like he has manipulated the telephone network to mask his real caller ID. He is trying to sell a service with a fake promotion from Dish Network and asking for Credit Card for an advance payment and with a promise to pay a future monthly discounts.It looks like he has also hacked or accessed Dish Network’s computers and somehow got the phone #s and addresses of the "Original" Dish Network subscribers. He would ask for your login details, the PIN and the last 4 digits of SS # of the account holder. He gives a fake employee ID and a number to cal back which is non-toll free # 201-793-7070.1. I called Dish network to confirm that this guy is a fake2. I called the 201-793-7070 # which was answered by a guy who calls himself Rahul Sharma, who says it is his personal #. His caller ID comes up as though it is from a PBX (201)-793-7xxx with a caller ID Rapid Link USA.3. The Rapid Link company is located 111 Pavonia Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07310.This appears sure to be a SCAM and hacking into DISH Networks data and calling real Dish customers.I already complained to Dish Network. All they keep saying is don’t give any information but no mention about how a Scam artiste can get access to the data.Is there anyway BBB can take action or inform local police in NJ to nab them and put behind bars?Thanks

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