Diversified Collection Services Review


Received a computer-generated debt notice dated July 26, 2012. Name and address had been pasted into the heading block and name on the salutation line. Notice was for an unspecified tax debt to a state I had not lived in since 2005. I have never received any form of notice from the state. Immediately went on line to check on the company. Located this site and others listing numerous complaints. Sent a certified letter/return receipt re request for debt validation and waited 30 days. No response from Diversified Collection Services and/or its agent Justin L. Sent another certified letter/return receipt giving Justin L. an additional 10 days to provide a proper validation of the alleged debt. Again, no response. I contend that the initial letter was a deliberate attempt to intimidate and coerce a payment and/or assumption of a fraudulent debt by means of deception. Am now sending letters of complaint to the FTC, BBB of CA, Attorney General”s Office and the licensing division for collections in my state. I have never had to respond to a debt collector and it does irk having to “get up to speed” on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

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