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Diversified Consultants was trying to collect on an old Sprint account (2+ years old). On May 16, 2014 I received two phone calls from the company. The calls were from a New Orleans, LA number (504-302-4443). I’m noticing more collection agencies are using VOIP phone services with numbers that are “local” to the people they are calling. Diversified Consultants has no office in the state of Louisiana. I could hardly understand what the lady was saying due to the poor phone connection (on their part). I did understand that they were collecting on a Sprint bill. Told me the amount, which they claim is around $500+ (early termination fees and other miscellaneous BS fees). After she did her scripted introduction she asked how was I going to take care of this bill today, by check, debit, or credit card. I responded that I would not be taking care of this bill via any of those methods as I was disputing the bill just as I had done in the past. I then elaborated that I would try to contact Sprint again to resolve the matter and that if I couldn’t resolve it with Sprint then I would be filing the matter with the FCC and eventually a small claims lawsuit. She responded, “Not that’s just a bunch of talk. How you going sue someone that you owe money to?” Seriously?! I just disputed a bill. I explained the basics of the situation and you are going to respond by basically saying I’m bluffing or full of it? That has to be about one of the most incompetent collection agencies I’ve ever dealt with. My response wasn’t very nice (i.e. profanity). I work nights, so when you wake me up over a bill I’ve disputed already two years ago , I tell you I’ll dispute it again and you basically respond that I’m full of it… You’re not going to get a happy camper response. The woman claimed that I was being unprofessional. Really? So since when did telling a customer they’re full of it become a professional response? I’ll be writing to both Diversified Consultants and Sprint. If you get contacted by this company I’d suggest you send them a cease and desist letter so you don’t have to deal with the incompetence. .

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