Diversified Contractor and Restorer miami beach Florida


Complaint: I have been working for Diversified Construction Co. since 2005, earing 14.00hr. In the last months the company has been issuing checks without funds in the bank to cash our payroll checks. We have cashed our checks in Publix, Ace Cashier, and other cashier shops, and now these people are in my ack to collect their monies and the banck fees because the checks they took from me, have been bouncing on after another. My last check issued on 2 9 2011 no. 20905 in the amount of 594.73 from Great Florida Bank as of today, when I went, there is no funds available to cover it. Ihave financial problems and even an eviction from the building association and I need to solve this problem immediately. These unlawful practices of Diversified and his owner Mr. Jerry, cell phone 786 255 9711 needs to be stopped by the corresponding agencies and i am looking for justice and my money for a work already done. Thanks.

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Address: 12555 SW 130th St. miami, Florida United States of America

Website: http://[email protected]

Phone: 3052464306

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