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Dr. Amit Gupta from Divine Cosmetic Surgery is a severely incompetent plastic surgeon who is doing false marketing and posting fake reviews to defraud people. His unprofessional behaviors and bad customer service are prevalent in his business practices.

I never post on websites like these but I think this level of fraud needs If you don’t have time to read this report, then skip to the summary section. Now with that out of the way, let’s see what we have here:

An email from a victim led to this whole report. If you have had an experience with Divine Cosmetic Surgery or Amit Gupta MD, then please share it in the comments, the more people share the truth, the better.

Dr. Amit Gupta is a horrible quack – Review By Customer

I received a message on Reddit from a customer of Dr. Amit Gupta (Divine Cosmetic Surgery) and this is how I got introduced to this charlatan. I am very active in medical subreddits and try to give my two cents on people looking for help, I think that’s how this person found me.

It just breaks my heart to see the sad reality of the world where quacks like Gupta blatantly take advantage of gullible people and get away with it.

I can’t reveal the name of the sender as it will count as doxxing and it will be unethical. All the private information is kept hidden. Below is the unedited version of the message I received, so there might be some errors in it:

Hello Sir/Ma’am,

I am R*** ****H. My uncle got a hair transplant from Dr. Amit Gupta from Gurugram and it went horrible!

My uncle came to know about him through Instagram, doctor posts many transformations there and he was interested from there. Then my uncle contacted the clinic and did the due diligence and got the paperwork done. Everything was perfect at this point, everyone was happy. But the procedure itself was extremely painful and unprofessional.

My uncle told me that the doctor was only sweet and kind in the beginning but once the paperwork was done his attitude changed and this clinic started treating him badly. The experience was very bad!

During the procedure, I think they didn’t provide enough anesthesia or something because it was pure pain for my uncle. He did not say anything to the doctor because it would not have done any benefit. The results are not good as well and the problem is the same as before.

Dr. Amit Gupta complaint

Dr. Amit Gupta Posts Fake Reviews & Recommendations To Mislead People

This is where things get very suspicious. The credentials of Dr. Amit almost fooled me into thinking that the guy who messaged me was lying, but when I came across this, it became clear that Divine Cosmetic is doing something fishy.

On their Facebook page, they have a 5 out of 5 rating from 32 reviews. Decent right? Well, not exactly.

If you look at the names of the people who have actually posted the reviews, you’ll see that these people aren’t even from India! The locations of the reviewers vary way too much and there can only be two possible reasons for it: 1) Either Dr. Amit traveled the world to treat these specific people or, 2) Dr. Amit got false reviews posted from his friends to mislead people.

I think the answer is quite obvious.

This is not all though. The shenanigans don’t stop here.

On their RealSelf.com listing, they have also posted a plethora of horribly written false reviews. They have a 5/5 rating there as well with 33 reviews.

What makes these reviews false?

Well for starters all the reviewers have gibberish usernames and the accounts have no post history.

On platforms like Realself.com and Trustpilot.com, you can actually check the post history of accounts. This feature is added specifically to determine the validity of the review. These platforms get thousands of reviews submitted by thousands of people, they simply can’t filter all the chaff from the wheat. Or in other words, they cannot avoid getting abused by frauds, technology isn’t that advance yet. So people like Dr. Amit Gupta hire cheap marketing teams to post fake reviews here to build a fake reputation.

Avoid Dr. Amit Gupta & Divine Cosmetic Surgery!

Divine Cosmetic Surgery is robbing people. They charge exorbitant prices while providing pathetic service quality and lack professionalism. Dr. Amit Gupta is also posting fake reviews on Facebook and his business listings to mislead people into thinking he has any competence. But taking a skeptical look at the reviews easily exposes the truth. I strongly suggest everyone avoid this clinic and Amit Gupta MD.

This review (Divine Cosmetic Surgery) was originally published at Gripeo. To read the full review, go to – www.gripeo.com/divine-cosmetic-surgery-review/

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