DiVosta Review


The entrance is somewhat impressive with a gate house manned 24 hours, and two sets of gates to give the impression of serious resident security considerations presented to potential home buyers at IslandWalk at the West Villages, in Venice – North Port, Florida, built by Pulte – Pulte Home Corporation – PulteGroup and its subsidiary DiVOSTA in its sales presentations. | However, what you see, and what you may hear in the Sales office is not reality. Simply, if you don’t care to go through security, then you only need to drive 2 miles south on Route 41 to West Villages Parkway and come into IslandWalk at the West Villages via its back gate which is left open and unattended 6 days a week, 11 hours each day. | There have been, and continues to be, multiple queries and requests by IslandWalk at the West Villages homeowners about placing a security guard at the back gate during its open hours, more so after several burglaries occurred, to no avail. | Pulte – DiVOSTA – Pulte Home Corporation – PulteGroup responded by installing a “security” camera, a minimal after the event posture instead of being pro-active as their main gate security presentation suggests to the unknowing eye. | It’s not unusual there’s only one guard on duty at the main entrance, therefore there’s no realistic active monitoring of the security camera images, and even if there was, there’s no identifying method to determine if a vehicle is or is not an IslandWalk at the West Villages resident’s. | If, for instance, a burglary occurred but when it did is not known which is not unusual in a mixed full time/seasonal community, there isn’t a viable method for law enforcement to enhance its investigation of the event via security camera images. | Money can’t be the issue as this longstanding open back gate condition began years before Pulte – DiVOSTA – Pulte Home Corporation – PulteGroup installed a second set of gates at the main entrance, and built an extensive “clock” tower/water fountain/floral addition at the main entrance within the past year (2015). | To Pulte – DiVOSTA – Pulte Home Corporation – PulteGroup image is important, security isn’t.


Name: DiVosta

Country: United States

State: Michigan

City: Bloomfield Hills

Address: 100 Bloomfield Hills Parkway, Suite 300,

Phone: 866-239-1739

Website: www.divosta.com/

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