Diwip LTD. Review


. Best Bingo is a free mobile game app. I installed a few weeks back. The game is glitchy and full of bugs. I however have purchased credits on three occasions at 5.00 each time. The game has taken well over 150,000 credits from me. I’ve sent screen shots per their request which they tell me sometimes they got them other times they didnt. Even after sending approximately 50 screenshots, they still refuse to refund me any of my lost credits. I am literally messaging them daily due to continued loss of coins, but they will not refund me any, even with proof of screen shots clearly showing a glitch of some sort in their game. Their game reviews are absolutely horrible, and reading them it’s clear they rip off alot of people. I’m really hoping you can help me some how, I don’t know where to turn for an issue like this. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thank you so much, Karen Lopes .

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