Dixie Spence – Silvis, Illinois Illinois


Ladies, this woman Dixie Spence is out to screw ANYTHING. She met my husband at JMF Manufacturing, and went for broke. She started by sending pics and videos to him via email and eventually propositioned him to screw her. She was in a relationship at the time, but obviously that didn’t stop her. After I busted them out, I sent her bf every thing she sent to my husband, including screen shots of the emails with the dates she sent them and all the pics. She had the nerve to blame me for destroying her marriage lol lol lol. You chose to cheat on your man with MY husband… so YOU ruined your own marriage after you crippled mine. All I did was pass the 411 on to your man who had no clue you are such a whore. This HomeWrecker does not care about anyone’s family, job, social circle etc. so long as she can get someone to screw her. She had to quit her job due to all the complaints made against her for being the warehouse whore. Revenge was mine and I hope your man never looks back, leaving you broke and out of a job.

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