Dmarie Gallegos-Trujillo – Ranchos De Taos, New Mexico New Mexico


Dmarie and her husband have been together for five years and have two children together as well. She toldthat she’s not happy with her husband and so the cheating started again! Dmarie cheated before her husband, and still continues to. Dmarie cheated on about ten guys already ever since I knew her fourteen ago. Each affair would last around one to three months that I knew of. One other affair has lasted eleven years now. She married him four years ago in Santa Fe.So does she now how two husbands? Ugh! weird and gross! I told him about her cheating on him, he says…he doesn’t mind, that he also cheats on her too!! They have a son together, and everyday that kid is looking more and more like him and not the biological father. Dmarie has another son from another man as well. Obviously she has some history with him, and can’t divorce Jose she is obsessed with his money. We were best friends sometimes throughout the years. Until recently she cheated with my husband of four years. I couldn’t believe it, how could she? I divorced him right away, so one day Dmarie called me to tell me that their together now!! I told her to stay away from me and I hope you get caught one day! I’ve should’ve known how evil and a nasty she is, don’t let her fool you when she cries and says it’s not me, says she’s the victim all the time.Do you know how many times I had rolled my eyes hearing her say that Dmarie has lied to her husband countless times and makes excuses to just get out of the house and cheat with all kinds of men! She even has her sister to cover for her how disgusting they are! I’m always catching her cheating with other men either at fancy restaurants,parties, and even certain parks. When i was driving by to go to my dad’s house, I caught her with another man kissing outside his suv at her work! Dmarie is so disrespectful, excessive liar,just to get what she wants. She says she craves married, single, and taken men! That dirty nasty slut enjoys being a “Homewrecker for Life!”

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