Dmitriy Knikov – Orlando, Florida Florida


Do not trust him. Dmitriy Knikov has fooled a lot of women in the past into sleeping with him including another girl who I was not friends with at the time. He will most likely take you out to court you, be nice, introduce you to his friends, then go behind your back and sleep with another woman. I found out he gave some girl an STI while he was traveling and sleeping around. I hope others will be more careful. He will only be nice to you in order to get what he wants. A player without any remorse and like most men, are hardly ever sorry. Years ago he used a girl he lived with for sex and money and proceeded to leave her. He is not faithful no matter how much he convinces you he is. He will lie and cheat over and over. Ask around, most people will confirm that he is dishonest and a scum. Sorry whoever had to find out this way but dont feel too naive you weren’t the only one. Even though he will try to make you feel special but dont bee too dumb because thats how he reels you in in order to score you for sex. Dont trust him while he says hes going on a business trip either, he’s sleeping with different girls in different cities. I even met his friends and family who some say he is such a great guy, but do great guys lie and cheat? No, but its all a game to him and no matter how old he gets he will never grow up. Don’t be too desperate to get with him just because he has a successful career, they will always feel entitled to cheat and give others an STI in the long run. He may try to deny everything but his past history has been full of different women. He really only cares about himself and doesn’t come from a very good family. His parents should have taught him better to not be a complete liar into adulthood.

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