DMJ Asphalt, Inc.


Project history: My driveway apron was sinking and holes were forming in the asphalt near where the asphalt meets the garage concrete floor. In 2011 I chose DMJ Asphalt to come out to fix the problem. Recently a new hole appeared on the apron that DMJ had previously fixed. I contacted DMJ to explain what was happening and to see if this was covered under warranty. They stated that there were no warranties on this and provided the contract I had signed stating this. With no warranty, I decided to cut out the hole and patch it myself. Once I cut into the hole and removed the asphalt I noticed large chunks of cinder block where the class 5 should’ve been. The Minnesota Department of Transportation specifications states that class 5 can contain grounded up concrete, but does not state pieces of cinder block (e,g, large cinder block measuring over 8 inches by 6 inches) to be used in the base. This didn’t make sense to me since the contract I had signed clearly stated that the underlayment would be class 5. There was no mention that large chunks of cinder block would be used to complete this project. I sent the below email explaining that they did not adhere to the contract by using class 5 as the base for this project and therefore they should be accountable for their work and that they did not adhere to their own contract.

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