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SCAM ALERT: DO NOT USE DMV MADE EASY (ROCK’S 76) FOR SMOG | Upon arrival I informed the guy that I wanted a smog and for them to do my registration renewal online since both were due today, and that I wanted a car wash. I gave the guy my Jiffy Smog coupon, and was then informed this was not Jiffy Smog … JS was another 25 yards down the parking lot. Oooops. I was already in the smog line and could not back out since another car had pulled up behind me. | I was told to leave my car in the Smog Corral where, once in, you could not leave as there were other cars in front of you and behind you. TRAP 1 | I followed the young man inside and he plopped a flyer in front of me and asked which special I wanted. “I want a smog where you do the registration renewal online since they’re both due today and I need a car wash. Which special is that?” | He suggested I go with the cheapest one, $23 which included a car wash. | That’s what I usually paid at Jiffy Smog or Smog Busters for the services I requested, so it seemed okay to me. He was ringing up the sale and I asked him if he needed my card yet for the registration renewal fees. He told me I had to wait because they had to do the smog first. That seemed reasonable. | The charge slip left room at the bottom for a tip, so I left a $5 tip assuming it was for the car wash attendant (it was cold outside!). Wrong, the tip was for the smog guy I was told afterwards. I’ve never even heard of tipping the smog guy. TRAP 2 | A few minutes later the guy came back and handed me my smog certificate. I asked him if he needed my card yet to process the registration renewal payment online. He said that they do NOT do online renewal registrations … they actually go to the DMV to process the paperwork at the end of each day. In fact, he’d have my sticker for me later that day. Wow, same price as the others but even better service!!! No. THIS IS WHERE THEY REALLY GET YOU. | They wanted AN EXTRA $460 IN ADDITION TO the $640 registration fee to process my registration renewal. I thought I was being punked … Jiffy Smog and Smog Busters include this in with their price. And no, that was not a typo. They wanted AN EXTRA $460 IN ADDITION to my registration fee to process my registration renewal … which is something that Jiffy Smog and Smog Busters include in their $23 fee. TRAP 3. | I was upset, as he knew I would be since he chose to withhold this information until after I had paid, even though I had inquired about it 3 times during our conversations. In Vegas, WE CALL THIS A SCAM. | I left and went to the Jiffy Smog 25 yards away, but they could not do my smog because it had already been entered; and no, they could not do the online registration renewal because THEY HAVE TO BE DONE TOGETHER. TRAP 4 | I am sure that weasel at DMV Made Easy (Rock’s 76) thought I’d be back, but I just went home and did it online FOR FREE. | DMV MADE EASY (ROCK’S 76) SMOG IS A SCAM…DO NOT USE!!!

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