Dodge-Chrysler Co. Review


I bought my 2007 model Dodge Ram 1500 4×4 pickup new through Murphy Motor co in El Dorado, Ar when Dodge offered a lifetime powertrain Warranty for 1st owner. I’m not bashing Murphy. They tried to help but were met with unanswered e-mails. I kept my maintenance schedule up to date through the dealership. So last year, my Four wheel drive quit working and Dodge wouldn’t cover it, they said because I was supposed to have done a 5yr inspection in which I never received a letter and wasnt notified by the dealership that seen me on a regular basis.But according to Dodge is my fault I guess. Just sounds like they planned on doing this since they advertised the lifetime powertrain warranty to begin with to me. So I naturally felt angry and betrayed. I bought this truck on their word and paid it off before being told my warranty voided. Since then, I quit taking my truck to the dealership out of anger, and have paid thousands in repairs on the four wheel drive components, rear end, and transmission. Dodge lied to me to get me to buy their truck and when they knew I was about to have problems, they crawfished out of the deal! Don’t trust Dodge! .

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