Dogg digital pro audio speakers & Gordon Martinez bellevue WA Review


the DPA scam made it to Seattle. i have been riped off by a van driver. ni was pulliing off a parking when a sucker came to me and offer some suposedly high tech 1100$ worth pro audio speaker for few hundred , nhe had a business licence and a whole dysplay of paper. he tricked me up the b*****d. nnothing that you don’t know about if you are reading this. i have been stupid enough to fall for the digital pro audio scam. n however i was suspecting something so i asked the guy for his ID number. his name is Gordon Martinez and his ID number is MARTIGR34705. nplease report this guy before he ripps off more honest persons. Mart i hope that you will be caught and spend a good time in jail you folish s**t.

seattle, Washington U.S.A.


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