Doing Business Right los angeles California


Complaint: BEWARE OF MR. RONE EMMANUEL DAVID, he is a smooth-talking career con artist. He is affiliated with a company called DOING BUSINESS RIGHT although thats the biggest oxymoron I’ve ever heard. Doing Business Fraudulently is more like it.According to Los Angeles County Jail public records and the District Attorney’s office, he has been in jail several times. I filed a police report against him in 2006 and I won my case. He was convicted of making counterfeit checks and fraud and was ordered to repay me $9000 according to the terms of his probation. To this day he avoids paying his monthly payment and his probation officer continues to revoke his privileges but this guy still pays whenever he feels like it.He is very good at making excuses that sound plausible, until you realize that he is taking you for a ride. Even his probation officer says that he is “one of the most shady ones I have ever come across””.Don’t be fooled by any documents he gives you or any stories he tells you. He gave me several checks which looked real but turned out to be counterfeit. He gave me a credit report which looked real and had a credit score of 800 but it was all fabricated on his computer by him. When I ran his ACTUAL credit report

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Address: it was 450 !! He had at least 11 OUTSTANDING LIENS AND JUDGMENTS AGAINST HIM

Website: with computers and expensive printers that were generating every kind of fake document you could imagine. Do yourself a favor and STEER CLEAR OF DOING BUSINESS RIGHT and RONE DAVID.”

Phone: including from the IRS.He rented an apartment from me and never paid his rent on time. And when he finally sent me a check for rent

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