Dollar Car Rental Colorado Springs Colorado


Complaint: I rented a car for one night to drive to my hotel and back (total distance 6 miles). On my return, I was told I damaged a tire. In looking at the tire, there was a broken radial. No scuff marks on teh tire, just the bulge. I am being charge $234.19 for replacement of a compact tire. I disputed it with the company expalining to them this is a faulty tire and had nothing to do with me or my driving. And replacement of a tire such as this woudl not cost this much even including the cost of the rental time lost (1/4 day). While I was disputing the accusation that I damaged the tire, another customer was also disputing the higher rate charged for usage (over $100 difference in his estimate) being told that it was jsut an estimate and Dollar can change the price to actual. Do not rent from Dollar because you are being pusshed to buy their insurance and if you use your own, they will use it to repair their vehicls and no resulting form your driving!

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Address: 4940 W International Airport Rd Anchorage, Alaska USA


Phone: (907) 248-5338

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