Dolores R. Smith south pittsburgh Tennessee


Complaint: This woman is NUTS and a B**CHY landlord and is very degrading person behind you back treats her youngest son and her grand daughter that try to take care of her she maybe 80 yrs. Old but she dose not need to treat her family the wayShe dose rents the houses on battlecreek to drug pushers and says nothing about it every body needs to know about this women she will promises one and turn around and stab you in the back every time she opens her mouth she LIES Do not trust this personshe need her head checked because she has lost her mind..SHE IS CRAZYand needs to be put away in the crazy house in the rubber room She lies about her sons and calls the women that they have any thing to do with hoars sluts dose not have ant thing nice to say to them And now she wants to sell houses on Battlecreek Rd. I know for a fact it has toxic waste on it so dont buy it unless you like to glow in the dark!!!!!!

Tags: Neighborhood Services

Address: 4250 Battlecreek Rd. / 7104 Genoa Dr. South Pittsburgh, Tennessee United States of America


Phone: 423-837-0738 / 423-894-19

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