Domain SEO Service Registration Corp.


This company sent me an e-mail, claiming that my domain name registration was about to expire, and that I needed to pay them 64.00 to renew it. I confused the domain name issue with the fact that my site hosting was about to expire, and thought it was legitimate. | I made the mistake of paying the charge with my credit card. Then I started looking at my records and realized that my domain name is registered through Go Daddy, and is still good for two years. I checked with them, and learned that this “Service Registration Corp.” has no affiliation with them, or the authority to be involved in my domain name at all. | This transaction occured on 1-6-2017, and their “transaction ID” is: 58702b5f52607 | The website they named in their e-mail to me is, but it does not seem to exist online.

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