Dominique Moreno – Santa Maria, California California


Dominique Moreno, Domi_1030, started out as a distant friend of mine but I never went out with her because my husband said he didn’t want me hanging around with the whore crowd. My husband and I got into a fight when I found out he was cheating, with another broad, so he went to his moms. I found out later (from him) Dominique Moreno kept texting him about divorcing me (got his number from his sister) and finally one night in The end of June when he was out drunk she talked him into letting her him up and took him to holiday inn in Pismo. There she did obviously what no Christian woman would ever do, especially with a married man. Two nights later again, this time in Santa Maria’s holiday inn. Then red rose inn which is a 2 star hotel. A motel room one night a month. Every time I would confront her and my husband they would say.. she’s just a friend. Eventually he told me what was going on, she was trying to convince him into finalizing a divorce with me and talking about marriage with her. I wasn’t worried about her once, I know her reputation and I had plenty of men in town Confirn that she’s been with everyone and that’s all she is. A few even said that her own brothers would beg them to take her out. She is that girl. Eventually my husband moved back in and the hate did not stop there, she would text both me and my husband from her number or a text now number saying I had sex with your husband without a condom and other disgusting things. Be careful ladies on the Central Coast she doesn’t care if you’re her friend, or married. She wants that life. Like I was told by a good friend, she doesn’t want him, she wants your life. She doesn’t realize you make your own money and buy your own dreams.

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