Dominque Santiago – Worcester, Massachusetts Massachusetts


She’s not as innocent as she appears, she’s lies compulsively. She doesnt care that she helped ruined a family causing heartaches in children’s lives. She knew he was in a committed relationship but continuously slept in parking lots and dirt paths with a short loser who’s 17.5 yrs older than her, so she can get free meals and alcohol. She degraded herself by hiding on the dirty floor of his suv on hangouts numerous times while Josh M kept denying her by insults and deceiving his own family. She was making plans to live with him in NH, this February, but he denied it. At their work, she lied to the police over nonsense about not knowing her ex when he visited there. They each play as the victims to blame others for their faults. There’s a post on him recently posted again on another site were she’s trying to blame it on someone else to alleviate her situation. She’s sleazy with no dignity and morals for the insane games, she’s played.

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