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Complaint: On Wednesday, November 19, 2018 I stopped into the Don Moore Toyota dealership and drove 2 different 2015 Toyota Rav4s that I was interested in. I spoke with sales person Brett. I got information and went home to put pencil to paper. On Saturday, November 22, 2018, I emailed Brett and made offers on both Rav4s. Within an hour, Brett responded by email, accepting either offer. so, I drove to Don Moore to make my selection, which I did, and we began paperwork. Brett called my bank to verify that I was preapproved and began faxing the auto information over to the bank. About 20 minutes into this process, I was presented with a document that listed the purchase price, sales tax, et, to verify. The purchase price was inocrrect and did not reflect the offer price I made. I was told that I must have misunderstood and that they could not sell the Rav4 to me at the price I offered. After much disagreement, they relented and continued the purchase process. We were almost finished and I was told that I could pick up my Rav4 on Monday, November 24, 2018. Then last minute, someone comes to the kiosk where we are working on paperwork and tells me that Don Moore has changed their mine and would not sell me the Rav4 unless I let them do the financing. I told them that wasnt going to happen. So they told me, I could either pay the $300 they were going to lose by not getting to finance my car….or I could just walk. I got up and walked out. “”,4216 Frederica Street Owensboro

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Address: Kentucky United States”


Phone: 1-270-201-5327

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