Don Morris fairmont West Virginia


Complaint: I was looking for ways to make money from home on the internet and found this site on selling information. He describes how you can sell what you know in an ebook format. He had a 7$ secret to tell you and you would find out AFTER you paid him 7 bucks via paypal. I pay the 7 bucks then get on this site that is all about selling HIS 7 dollar secret and he even is nice enough to provide you with HIS software that is all written in code so if you know NOTHING about setting up your own website you just blew 7 bucks like I did. If you do know how then you get to keep the 7 bucks for each one that you sale but he gets all the kick backs from the other packages that are offered inside. So you work your butt off and pay out to keep a website up and he is generous in letting you keep his 7 bucks for a scam. Paypal sided with him. Can you believe it? I have NEVER won a case when I sold on Ebay and a customer would lie they always sided with the customer. I guess since this is NOT ebay that I purchased this from he has some protection that I did not know existed. Don’t buy this you will only waste 7 dollars and he will profit.

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