Donita Smith – Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Oklahoma


This b**ch works at the gas station junction 66. Off highway 33 in Sapulpa. She decided to sleep with my husband while she’s also married. Knowing me and my husband are married. She has no remorse for what she’s done. She got drunk and he f*cked her bent over in a field. He was wasted. It was at some redneck tail gate party. She was crying on his shoulders and complaining about her husband who she said was abusive and controlling. She couldn’t go find her own man so she slept with mine? We’ve been married 9 yrs and have 4 kids and I’m pregnant with baby #5 but who cares as long as she gets to f**k. She has no remorse and obviously no fu**ing self respect. My husband blacked out doesn’t even remember how he got home. I was home with our 4 kids and it took me doing research to find out it was this nasty bitch. I wonder who else’s husband she has fucked… While she married too. Who f**ks someone else’s husband AND cheats on your own? F***ing disgusting bitches thats who.

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