Doorstep fort Lauderdale Florida


Complaint: this company brakes the law buy hiring people as indipendent ontractors when they are truly employees of the company and made to wear uniforms and use equipment dedicated by the company. They refise to pay the drivers any minimum wage as required by law! They further lie to the delivery drivers by telling them that there’s a guarantee tip to help with each delivery and that is not true this company charges up to 20 dollars for delivery fees and non of that’s going to the driver so when the driver get to the home of the person ordering the food they think they have already tipped because they paid so much in service charges this is a small company looking to take advantage of slave labor in south florida and apparently around the country. This practice is totally abusive and needs to be investigated. Delivery equipment is not properly sanitized.

Tags: Restaurant Delivery Services

Address: fort lauderdale, Florida USA



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