Doreen Cavallaro Wolffe – Stanhope, New Jersey New Jersey


Doreen Cavallaro Wolffe only goes after married or committed men. She is relentless once she sets her sites on one and once she has them will not go away until she finds her next victim. She will send them texts of places she can meet them so they can f*ck her in the ads and has gone so far as to say she would then suck their d*ck after they finish. I know 2 other women whos husbands and she has done this this to. She has children and only cares about finding a new dad for them with no regards to the children the men already have of how it messes up their lives. She is a swanky home wrecker. Watch out women of stanhope (especially if you live in the area of Dell Rd) and surrounding towns. She is like a cock roach and once she gets in she won’t go away.

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