Dotty (Cordaro) Kenyon – Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania Pennsylvania


Dotty Kenyon from Dallas Pennsylvania should be very ashamed of herself. She had an affair with a man named John a few years ago who was also in a relationship at the time. I think he was a guy that worked with her at Banana Republic or the Gap. She wrecked her own home long before the man she calls her husband sought out other women. By husband I mean the man who has not married to her for 20 years. He sleeps down the hall, not beside her. Dotty has been tormenting one of the other women for months, obsessing and plotting revenge against her and posting terrible things about her online. Dotty hasn’t called out her “husband” at all but has made it her mission to make this other woman’s life miserable. What she’s doing isn’t right and it’s time someone said so! She’s the biggest narcissist I’ve ever known and not someone I want to be friends with anymore. Beware, she sucks everyone around her into her childish drama.

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