Dr. Lee Palmer DDS Review


I have not lived in the Nashville area for almost three years. The office of Lee Palmer absolutely will not stop calling me despite my many clear and unambigious (and lately, profanity-laden) instructions to stop it. It is because of this unending harrassment that I am now taking time out of my day to leave negative reviews everywhere I possibly can find to do so. | Years ago I was a patient and only had one appointment before I decided to get away from him as quickly as possible. He and his staff tried to strongarm me into more visits for unneeded dental appliances and services. He informed me that my teeth showed signs of grinding, and that I would need a mouth guard. No dentist before or after him agreed. He also informed that I “needed” teeth whitening. | I didn’t ask for these services, I turned them down when he offered them, and yet his staff went ahead and scheduled appointments (two appointments on two different dates, shameless!) for me anyway, handing me reminder cards as I was leaving! Unbelievable! It is my opinion that Palmer takes advantage of living in the wealthiest county in Tennessee by pumping people (and their insurance companies) for as many services as possible, whether they are needed or not.

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