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Complaint: Earlier this month several doctors at the Atlanta VA Medical Center were accused of mistreating a patient by violating several patient rights and refusing medications. Dr. Michael Scott Saenger, Dr. Lemmy Nsor Effa, and Dr. April M.f. Madu, at the Atlanta VA Medical Center are accused of mistreating a disabled patient. There have been lots situations where veterans have been treated unfairly and this is another one of those situations that have surfaced. Patients have certain rights concerning their care and when these rights have been violated it creates a series of events. The allegations into these doctors are currently underway and will be published as soon as the investigation is over. The following allegations into these doctors and the rights that have been violated are below. You will be given, in writing, the name and title of the provider in charge of your care. You have the right to be involved in choosing your provider. You also have the right to know the names and titles of those who provide you care. This includes students and other trainees. Providers will properly introduce themselves when they take part in your care. You will be informed of all outcomes of your care, including any possible injuries associated with your care. You will be informed about how to request compensation and other remedies for any serious injuries. You have the right to have your pain assessed and to receive treatment to manage your pain. You and your treatment team will develop a pain management plan together. You are expected to help the treatment team by telling them if you have pain and if the treatment is working. An investigation is underway and formal complaints have been filed with the Georgia Composite Medical Board.

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