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Complaint: About 14 months ago I was diagnosed with Osteo Arthritis of the right hip joint with bone spurs and a cyst by an Orthopaedic Surgeon. I was too heavy and too young for the hip replacement surgery and the doctor told me I needed to see a pain management doctor to improve the quality of my life. At that time I made an appointment to see Dr. Weiwah (Rob) Kwok. Dr. Kwok immediately questioned my pain and the Orthopaedic Doctors diagnoses. He ordered the same MRI test again. He also ordered a MRI of the lower back. Dr. Kwok insisted the pain was from my back and not my hip joint. He demanded I get a cortisone injection in my spine. I told him I know my body and the pain was in my hip but I will try his treatment. The shot helped my back feel better but my hip pain was still out of control. Dr. Kwok prescribed Norco, 2 tablets of 10/325, twice a day as needed. After the first month I told him that the medicine worked great but the duration was only 3 hours and I needed to take 2 tablets every 4 hours throughout the day in order to have enough relief to enjoy life again. Dr. Kwok immediately said no that I could only take the 4 tablets a day. He then prescribed Fentanyl Duragesic Patches. The patches helped a little but I still found the best relief to be the Norco. Dr. Kwok would not listen to me. He is completely unapproachable. He then started in that if he prescribed more Norco he could get into trouble and that it wouldn’t “look”” good. My wife came unglued when she heard this and went with me to the next appointment. Dr. Kwok suggested alternate medicine to me and I tried it only to feel completely listless and I could not function productively in any way. I asked if I could stay with the fentanyl patches and the Norco and increase the Norco by just TWO TABLETS. Dr. Kwok said no I could not increase the Norco at all. I should have walked out at that point but I was afraid it would be difficult to find another pain doctor as they are few and far between. This same cycle went on for months and months. Dr. Kwok has never listened to my and what I feel might be a better course of treatment for MY body. I have NEVER abused the Norco although I have taken a few more than Dr. Kwok has prescribed because I WAS IN PAIN. Dr. Kwoks bedside manner is non-existent. He truely only cares about his career and not his patients. I finally confronted Dr. Kwok yesterday and I told him that I felt he was too cautious and that I needed the Norco and not the Fentanyl and I needed a dosage every 4 hours unless he could recommend something similiar to Norco that worked for a much longer period of time. Dr. Kwok said he was offended that I told him he was too cautious and he said he would no longer treat me. Now I am left without pain medication

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Address: and I am in severe pain and suffering. I explained that my goal was not to offend him but to try and have an adult discussion as to what might work better for ME. He then hung up on me and left me high and dry. I have never been rude or abrupt with Dr. Kwok even though I thought he was not in my corner and that he was too concerned with HIS career and his butt. What about the patient? Isn’t that thie hypocratic oath?? Apparently Dr. Kwok missed that day of medical school. I believe it is unethical the way Dr. Kwok has treated me and I hope he never has the opportunity to treat a patient that way again. I am sure he treats his existing patients that way but hopefully someone will read this and NOT consider using Dr. Kwok for their pain management. I would love for Dr. Kwock to mature and realize that patients know their own bodies and that not everyone abuses medications. Some of us take it for medicinal purposes and to feel vaguely normal. All I ever asked of Dr. Kwok was his help in feeling like a productive human again. I never abused drugs

Website: especially Merna. I would consider using Dr. Kwock again one day if he can learn to treat his patients with dignity and to listen to their concerns and their needs. He is not God and does not know everything. Dr. Kwok has the potential to be a very good doctor. Even a great doctor. If he continues the way his is

Phone: I never mistreated him as a doctor

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