Drake Exteriors Brandt Bentley Taylors South Carolina


Complaint: Brandt Bentley is at it again! How many times does it take for people to wise up and shut this crook down???? First it was Grace Homes. They blew into town chasing hail damage roofing with the promise of getting you a new roof with no deductible etc etc. he roofed enough houses to make some money then he opened the offices across the country. He had to hire shitty crews to do the work because he never paid them. He just took homeowners’ money and did a horrible job. Then when the leaks started and people started complaining, he filed bankruptcy and left town leaving dissatisfied homeowners and insurance companies in his wake. After a little while he popped back up as “Storm Shield”” with Travis Turner and the same exact thing happened. He was faced with lawsuits from people who we was using for their insurance money and also lawsuits from his best friends that worked for him. Yes he even screwed them. Now he’s back with another name. “”Drake Exteriors!”” Now he and Travis are partners because he can’t get a business on his own. He’s ripping unsuspecting homeowners off yet again. Heed my warning. Don’t get left holding the bag from this gypsy company. They will be gone long before your new roof leaks and causes thousands of dollars in damage. And even if he’s still around

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Address: he will just file bankruptcy. He has so many judgements against him that he will never be able to have his own business. But


Phone: he is running the show. He just uses Travis to put everything in his name so it won’t be taken. I should know. I have a judgement against him. And I will likely never see a penny!”

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