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Garry Carlson is a cash and carry business. I alerted him of my sick puppy hours after taking the puppy home and requested he reimburse our emergency vet visits. We have never heard back from him. Also I never received and paperwork to support breed parents/quality. How do I know what I paid for? Mypuppy could be any breed combo. I have no proof. How can a so called good breeder give a customer a very sick puppy and when alerted of the situation he ignores my request to reimburse us? We provided our vet bills and encouraged them to contact my vet directly. His own contract says a promise of 1 yr healthy puppy. I did not have a healthy puppy and he did not honor his own contract. He never called to see if the puppy was doing well after knowing how sick it was. What a sleaze! How can he sleep at night? I was a new puppy owner and he completely too advantage this. He is exactly why people hate breeders. I understand now and will never trust a breeder again

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